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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe it is the diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences that each member of our global organization brings to the table everyday that allow us to provide the care and support that children and their families need.

We know we are stronger together because of our diversity.

We will never waver in our commitment to this core value.


It is the policy of RMHC to treat guest families and other program beneficiaries, employees, volunteers, donors, applicants for employment or volunteer positions, and all others fairly and with compassion, without regard to income or ability to pay, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, political affiliation, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability or handicap, housing status, marital status, veteran status or any other group, status or characteristic protected by locally applicable laws and regulations.

RMHC does not condone any form of harassment, joking remarks, bullying or other abusive conduct (including verbal, non-verbal and physical conduct) that demeans or shows hostility directed at another individual’s actual or perceived protected class as defined by the anti-discrimination policy.

RMHC does not condone any form of conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for families, staff or volunteers or that otherwise unreasonably interferes with the RMHC program environments.

Services at RMHC programs are provided without preference based upon affiliation with any individual or group, including members of the RMHC board of directors, RMHC staff, RMHC volunteers, McDonald’s personnel, Ronald McDonald House Charities representatives, or their friends or families.


  • The non-discrimination policy is based upon the RMHC core values and our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and cultural safety.
  • RMHC celebrates diversity of thought, experience and culture.
  • RMHC strives to create an environment where every person feels valued, comfortable and supported.