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Ronald McDonald Family Room

Space right in the hospital where families can step away from their child’s bedside to take care of themselves.

A Ronald McDonald Family Room is a quiet place away from the medical space, for families to recharge, grab a bite to eat, shower, or get rest during the long days of testing or treatment.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Programs

For families with children in the hospital, days can feel never-ending. In a Ronald McDonald Family Room, family members can get some rest, meet other families, do some laundry or just recharge to remain strong for their child.
RMHC family, Lindsay Burrell holding infant Piper, kissing her chin

A respite in the hospital, just moments from a child’s bedside.

Often steps away from a pediatric or intensive care unit, each Ronald McDonald Family Room offers a place for families to rest and regroup away from the medical environment.

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Ronald McDonald Family Rooms services:

Proximity to the child’s bedside
A place to relax
Amenities for comfort

In every Ronald McDonald Family Room, families are welcomed with compassion and hospitality offered by our trained staff and volunteers. Amenities may vary, but typically include:

  • Kitchen and snacks
  • Private bathrooms and shower facilities
  • Sleeping rooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Internet access
  • Reading materials
  • A seating area with a television
  • A quiet room

Comfort and support
just steps from child’s bedside

Like a Ronald McDonald House, a Ronald McDonald Family Room is designed to support families through their child’s medical journey – whether it’s a break from the clinical environment, a restorative nap or night’s rest, or a sense of normalcy sitting down with a cup of tea. Hospital leaders worldwide increasingly understand that accommodation and support for families contribute to high-quality, family-centered care.


  • Any family with a child receiving treatment in a hospital is eligible to use Ronald McDonald Family Room facilities. Ronald McDonald Family Rooms are located in close proximity to the pediatric services provided in hospitals.
  • Ask the registration desk at the hospital where your child will receive treatment about the specific services (including overnight stays) available at the Ronald McDonald Family Room in their hospital.
  • Ronald McDonald Family Rooms provide a welcoming, homelike environment for families, just steps away from their child in the hospital. Each Family Room provides various services depending on many factors, including the size of the space available within the hospital, the needs of the families, and the number of families served. Minimally, a Ronald McDonald Family Room offers a seating area to relax and a space to prepare a snack, and is hosted by RMHC volunteers or staff.
    • A kitchen area that includes a stove or microwave
    • Shower facilities
    • Sleeping rooms for naps or overnight accommodations
    • Laundry facilities, including washers, dryers and laundry detergent
    • Internet access
    • Reference books
    • A quiet room
  • Each Ronald McDonald Family Room is operated by its local RMHC Chapter and responsible to its own board of directors. RMHC volunteers and/or staff provide hospitality to families in the space during operating hours.
  • Each Ronald McDonald Family Room offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Whether you want to donate canned goods or laundry detergent, volunteer to staff the check-in desk, or make a cash donation, there are many ways you can help. Contact your local RMHC Chapter to find out how you can help a Ronald McDonald Family Room in your area.

Learn more about our local programs and how you can help strengthen more families and help provide access to the care and resources they need.

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