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Partners’ Time & Talent
Impact RMHC Families

From the beginning, corporate partners dedicated to supporting families in their communities have helped the impact of RMHC expand around the world. During this Global Volunteer Month, we’d like to recognize some of the partners who continue to help RMHC care for families with children who are ill or injured.

It goes without saying that we are grateful year-round to our founding partner, McDonald’s! As our largest – and forever - partner, McDonald’s has always been a very strong advocate for the mission of RMHC, helping ensure our programs and services reach families all over the world. This month, we are also especially grateful to the McDonald’s Owner/Operators, Developmental Licensees, suppliers, employees, and crew who also selflessly volunteer their time and talent to local RMHC Chapters to ensure RMHC families have what they need to ensure the best health outcomes for their children. We appreciate you all!

“What started as a passion point of a handful of our Employees has since grown into a three decades-long partnership between Southwest Airlines and RMHC,” said Laura Nieto, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility, Southwest Airlines. “We’re humbled and honored by the opportunity to support the RMHC mission and help connect families to essential care and services.”

Since 1983, Southwest Airlines and its ‘Cohearts’ (employees) have put their Heart in action, dedicating thousands of volunteer hours to prepare warm meals for families and lend a helping hand at local Ronald McDonald House programs across the United States. Southwest also provides airline tickets to support RMHC Chapter operations and help remove barriers to care for families facing medical challenges.

Southwest Airlines is a service-oriented company known for its legendary hospitality, and RMHC families benefit from that spirit of compassion and heart.

Another partner who has helped deliver comfort and support to RMHC families is La-Z-Boy. Through our 16-year partnership, La-Z-Boy has provided nearly 16,000 pieces of furniture to Chapters across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia, providing families with the much-needed space to rest and recharge together and so they can best advocate for their child. Additionally, they have helped furnish more than 150 new and existing Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room programs worldwide.

Thousands of La-Z-Boy employees have also volunteered their time at Ronald McDonald House programs across the world, in addition to delivering and setting up furniture, and supporting local Chapter events.

“The generous support provided by legacy partners like Southwest and La-Z-Boy allows us to carry out our mission of providing essential resources for families,” said Shannon Duval, RMHC Global Chief Development Officer. “We look forward to continuing these partnerships over the next 50 years.”

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