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Volunteers Help
Strengthen Families

RMHC Volunteers around the world find many special ways to help strengthen families and promote healing when families need it most. During this anniversary year, join us in celebrating the compassion, empathy, and innovation of over 172,000+ global RMHC volunteers around the world!

For over two decades, a program called “Love Companions” in Hong Kong has been helping families navigate the complexities of having a child who is seriously ill. Volunteers were all once guest families themselves, so they know exactly what families need. They host music and art classes, cooking activities and outings for families to help promote healing. Sometimes they’re just someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on.

“Love Companions” was the idea of one mother who was motivated to give back to RMHC after her child passed away. Grateful for the support her family received while her son, Ho-Wang was ill, she encouraged several other RMHC families to join her in accompanying new families on their journeys. Today there are over 450 “Love Companions” at RMHC Hong Kong.

In Mexico City, two special furry volunteers named Sac and Roco help reduce stress, improve moods, and encourage conversations among families served by RMHC Mexico. When Eder, a boy from Cuernavaca who is wheelchair bound, first saw Roco and Sac pass by, he struggled out of the chair so he could pet Sac.

Eder’s father said, "Seeing my son excited to pet the dogs and get up from his wheelchair was a hopeful moment for me and my family." Many Ronald McDonald House programs around the world invite therapy dogs to come play with their guest families to help promote healing and comfort.

RMHC Southwest Florida serves many guest families who have newborns in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU). Their volunteers focus on helping mothers feel special after their child’s premature birth. The team organizes baby showers for mothers and their NICU babies, filling their space with joy and optimism during a time or uncertainty.

One grateful mother shared: "You gave us something we thought we would never have. This day was truly memorable. Thank you for celebrating our babies with us!"

Volunteers in Poland found unique ways to give families a way to release stress by using technology in the hospital. Children and their families at the Warsaw Medical University Children’s Hospital can escape their stressful medical environment by participating in virtual travel adventures like exploring space, cycling through Cambodia, climbing Mount Everest or exploring Tuscany, Italy.

“Thanks to the volunteers who run this program, our children were able to move to a completely different place for a moment, to forget that they were in the hospital.”

Caring for tens of millions of families with children who are ill or injured, over the course of 50 years, might seem like a daunting task. But thanks to our enormous pool of generous RMHC volunteers in 62 countries and regions, no family is ever left behind.

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