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Delivering Preventive Care
Where It’s Needed Most

When RMHC Poland started their “Say No to Cancer in Children” program in 2006, Basia had no idea how essential it would be ...until it saved the life of her daughter Dobrusia.

Basia, Dobrusia and their family live in a small mountain village in Poland. Unfortunately, families living outside big cities often lack the means to get their children tested proactively and preventative abdominal ultrasound examinations are not generally reimbursed by the national health care providers,

To close this gap, RMHC Poland uses their Ronald McDonald Care Mobile program to deliver preventive screenings and tests for cancer and other serious illnesses to families who may not have access otherwise. The Care Mobile in Poland is fitted with ultrasound technology and certified pediatric radiologists who can perform rapid cancer screening tests to deliver results within 30 minutes.

When the Care Mobile visited their village, Basia had Dobrusia examined and was stunned to learn Dobrusia had an early-stage cancer. With this valuable information and because the family could also stay at the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital, Dobrusia was able to begin treatment immediately - and they were always together and cared for, despite being hundreds of miles from their home.

After several series of treatments and stays at the House, Dobrusia is now cancer-free and Basia is a strong advocate for the “Say No to Cancer in Children” program sponsored by RMHC Poland.

“Please give my message to the world: time is the most important factor when it comes to health! That’s why preventive care is so important,” said Basia.

“Say No to Cancer in Children” is the longest-running program for RMHC Poland, delivering over 87,000 free pediatric cancer screenings since its inception. In addition to helping initiate treatment for sick children, these screenings have saved families in need over 4-million Euros in medical fees.

“Our most important impact has been saving children’s lives and health,” says Krzysztof Daniluk, RMCM Program Manager in Poland. “With this program and our two Houses and three Family Rooms, we are proud to serve children and families all along their healthcare journey.”